Membership is open to individuals and families aged 12 years of age and over.   Membership to the club is open to anyone who is interested in lapidary, silversmith, minerals, rock collecting, faceting, jewellery making and carving.  New members will be made welcome.  Most interests can be accommodated, where there is a mentor instructor who will be able to assist you in your interest. 

Full year subscription rates currently as at January 2018:


Adult Joining Fee $40.00 (once of) + Annual Fee $40.00


Junior Joining Fee $15.00 (once of) + Annual Fee $15.00


The club's membership year is calendar year from 1st January to 31st December.  Applications for new membership can be received through out.  

Session fees are $5.00 per session day and this is covered by Personal Accident Insurance Premium. 

Interested in becoming a member of our club?  Come along to one of our sessions held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights, Friday's and Saturday's and someone in the club will be able to assist you with your interest.