Club Workshops 




Workshops are held regularly relating to lapidary, silversmith, faceting and carving. Whether you are a long term member or newcomer you are always welcome one of our many workshops which is organised throughout the year.  If you are new to these areas, there are members at the clubhouse who would be able to assist you.   


The origins of the word lapidary is believed to have come from the Latin word "lapis" meaning stone & "lapidarius" meaning stonecutter. Although modern lapidary has evoled with technology and machines are used for cutting and polishing of stone, the meaning of the word remains with its ancient orgins. In simple terms lapidary is the art of cutting and polishing stone.

Silver Smithing

The clubhouse has a well established silver room where you can use various tools from the club.  You can also purchase jewelery tools and silver at the clubhouse.  


The clubhouse has a well equipped faceting room.  You are welcome to use all equipment and there are mentors who are able to assist you with any faceting assistance.  Faceting is the art of taking a piece of rough, uncut, gemstone material and turning it into a thing of beauty ready to be set into a piece of jewellery or added to your collection.  For best effect material to be faceted needs to be translucent so that light can be passed into the stone and refracted back out of the stone.  This gives the sparkle or brilliance of a faceted stone.


Carving is available by appointment.